Spotlight on artist Eric Standley

Standley Either Or Circle Demeter 6.5 dia.  2013 18 x 18 F Standley - Either-Or Arch 3.1

Intricate paper constructions by gallery artist Eric Standley have been receiving international attention since the beginning of 2013. Most recently Eric was interviewed by Wired Magazine in the UK, which focuses on future science, culture and technology. Peruse the interview and online gallery of his work here. His work was also featured on LUX TV, Daily Planet on the Discovery channel, and in HI-FRUCTOSE magazine online. His cut-paper drawings have appeared in over forty exhibitions during the past two years.

It is of no surprise that Eric grew up in a household of engineers. His laser cut paper drawings capture a complexity of space that defies the traditional tolerance of the medium. Between 2007 and 2009 he taught himself how to draw on a matrix using vector software and a CNC laser. His compositions occupy upwards of 140 sheets laser cut paper arranged in lateral coordination. He consciously draws on three layers at one time, building his compositions in cross sections like a cell-animator.

standley dioscuri 

His vector drawing practice is inspired by geometry from Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation in an attempt to capture a reverence for the infinite. He is interested in the conceptual migration from the permanence and massiveness of stone to the fragility and intimacy of paper, as well as the idea of combining twelfth-century aesthetics with a contemporary technology-based practice.

Eric references Soren Kierkegaard’s essay Either/Or as a metaphor for his natural attraction to paradoxes. He is dyslexic, bsessively detailed fractions and broadly holistic concerns are compartmentalized consciously. Kierkegaard’s ethical paradox is like the functionality of his left and right brain. The exchange is infinite.  He is attracted to paradoxes as familiars, and feel more comfortable between undetermined, complex debates, rather than single sided reason.


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