Sharing Lyndsey Fryman’s story for Autism Awareness Month

Lyndsey Fryman graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Eastern Kentucky University in 2010. As a mother of a child with Autism, she has an interest in understanding the physiological states and the outward expression of our experiences. Visually interpreting our outwardly expressed emotions is for her a language explaining what we are going through, what we think or feel.

Physical body language seen in the posture of animals’ ears and birds’ feathers give her figures a way to speak without making a sound. These additional features metaphorically relate to her maternal experiences. For the viewer it is a glimpse of the language Lyndsey had to develop to communicate with her children, particularly with her autistic son.

Fryman Breaking Silence 34h Fryman Through my eyes Past me toes 12h

Her child’s symptoms are similar to many who are challenged with this disability, such as an absence of spoken language, eye contact, social skills and physical communication gestures (pointing, waving and reaching).

Being able to hear the unspoken language of her children allows her to communicate with them, and raise concerns for children and the human conditions in general. Her work embodies a visual language that has to be interpreted. Because of the condition, Lyndsey’s experience as a mother has been influenced to realize the importance of those things precious and yet taken for granted.

Check our website for more information regarding Lyndsey’s work or browse through images in the gallery below.


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