Horseshoe Casino commissioned works from Marta Hewett Gallery artists

Painter, Jason Zickler, fiber artist, Tim Harding and photographer, Tony DeVarco were selected to create commission artworks for the Horseshoe Casino, which opened in early March. Located only three blocks from the gallery, in the Pendleton area of Over-the-Rhine, casino management pledged to engage area businesses in the development of this new venue and the gallery was pleased to be involved with this project.
Zickler paintings cage  Tim Harding private gaming

Jason Zickler was asked to create a series of three large works in vibrant color. In addition to the Horseshoe Casino, Zickler has paintings included in collections of First Financial Bank, Cummins Engine Company, the Skyline Club, and the Center Club among others. Tim Harding constructed a signature piece in rich color and texture, of cut and stitched silk, for the casino’s Private Gaming area. Tim Harding also has works included in more than 30 corporate and museum collections.

IMG_0750   IMG_0751

A series of large format prints, some more than 6’in height, of Cincinnati were presented by Tony DeVarco. DeVarco, a former Cincinnatian now living in California, spent several weeks photographing areas and architecture downtown, including Music Hall, Krohn Conservatory and Union Terminal. The artist then developed photomontages highlighting the icons of our city. These prints are displayed outside the ballroom of the casino on the second floor.


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