Additional works by Frank Herrmann offered by the gallery

The work of Frank Herrmann is centered on the art and symbolism of the Asmat people, one of the last Stone Age societies remaining on earth today. As a consequence of its isolation, Herrmann believes the Asmat culture and art allow us to see a picture of human creativity and technique in its true primitive setting. By filtering and processing references and ideas, Herrmann aims “to transform paint and canvas into a lively discussion without words.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA herrmann SafanIII 84 x 78

For the past several years, Herrmann has included the culture’s myths, symbolism and striking motifs in his own paintings. He had the opportunity to examine extensive collections of Asmat artifacts at the ethnographic museum in Heidelberg and the Steve Chiaramonte collection in Salt Lake City. Herrmann said he is eager to explore ways to incorporate Asmat culture and art into his work until the urge has been exhausted and new possibilities present themselves. He is currently a professor of fine arts at the University of Cincinnati, where he also received his MFA.

Herrmann will be included along with two other artists in the gallery’s upcoming exhibition “Motif, Mantra, and Mystery,” opening on Final Friday, June 28th. Eric Standley, Kim Krause, and Herrmann will present small paintings, watercolos and constructions no bigger than 7″h x 8″w. Images of works seen above as well as additional works can be found on Frank Herrmann’s artist page on the gallery website.


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