506 Ash to exhibit new paintings by Robert JM Morris

Morris T ant S #10 60 x 48 Morris T ant S #19  60 x 48

Just Paint on Canvas will be from 4 to 10 p.m. Saturday, September 7. Other times by appointment with gallery represented artist Robert JM Morris. ‘An unexpected art experience in an alternative venue supporting artists’ is the tagline of the new venue 506 Ash located at 506 Ash Street in Elsmere, Kentucky. The venue, which features an outdoor sculpture garden, plans to have around four exhibitions a year.

Morris views his work as a spiritual expression through colors, aiming to involve the viewer. He has shown his work worldwide including England, Italy, and Japan as well as the US. Just Paint on Canvas is two years of worth relating to and about the depth of human emotions. The works on canvas span from 24x30inches to 7x8feet.

Morris moved to the US in 1990 to have greater accessibility to the work of the abstract expressionists that came to Austrailia in 1974 becoming the life-long inspiration for his work. The son of an Austrailian bushman, Morris’ raw personality mixes well with the abstract expressionist style.

For additional information regarding an appointment with the artist, contact 513-503-7730.


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