Our new exhibit ‘This Is Contemporary Art’ opens Friday, September 20 from 6pm – 9pm

In July, Daniel Brown, editor of the art journal Aeqai, contacted a group of professionals in the visual arts including museum directors, artists, art dealers, critics and collectors. He requested that each person respond in an essay to the question, “What is Contemporary Art?” Marta Hewett, the owner of the gallery, was asked to contribute one of these essays.

Kaiser Smith PiStrands hi res

Yvette Kaiser-Smith, PiStrands

In addition to this written response, the gallery has adjusted its schedule in order to present a wider range of works by contemporary artists. This is the gallery’s largest exhibition to date, including over 40 works by represented artists around the region and the country. Local artists in this exhibit include Cedric Cox, Gary Gaffney, Jean Mehdi Grangeon, Frank Herrmann, Kim Krause, Robert JM Morris, and Kevin Muente. Artists in this exhibit employ a wide variety of materials including the more classic mediums, oil, encaustic and acrylic on canvas and wood panel, as well as fabricated bronze, cast blown and kiln formed glass, cut paper, constructed silk, ceramic, found objects, and crocheted fiberglass.

Muente Dry Creek Bed, Kentucky 48 x 96

Kevin Muente, Dry Creek Bed, KY

Exhibiting artists reference math, music, science, history, world culture, and the environment among other influences. From cinematic landscape to intimate architectural detail, finely rendered figuration and unabashed abstraction, each artist demonstrates a distinct style drawn from their personal background and expressed in their chosen medium. It is our hope that the gallery visitor observes that the type of works created by contemporary artists are as unlimited as the individuals themselves sharing emotions and experiences beyond language through visual art.


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