Gary Gaffney to moderate discussion on Contemporary Art

CAM flyerProfessor Emeritus of the Art Academy of Cincinnati Gary Gaffney has selected a panel of local art professionals to discuss the question, “Why Does Contemporary Art Matter?” in an After Dark presentation by the Cincinnati Art Museum from 7 to 8 p.m. Friday, October 25 at the Mary R. Schiff Library.

Informal conversations will follow the discussion with  notable participants; Jason Frantz, Director of Manifest Gallery; Saad Ghosn, Scientist, Artist, and founder of SOS Art; Kevin T. Kelly, an artist with regional and international recognition; and Althea Thompson, Chair of the Visual Arts Department of the School for the Creative and Performing Arts.

Gaffney said it is time for the artist’s voice to be heard about larger issues relating to contemporary art. “Art education is eroding in the schools, and if you look at the coverage of the arts, much of the quality and criticism is not coming close to the art itself. If you go to major galleries after opening nights, they are as empty as tombs,” he said. These varied artists and educators who also create their own work were chosen by Gaffney because “they make an effort to get the public involved in art and take the time to educate.” The forum will take place at the Cincinnati Art Museum in the Mary R. Schiff Library, which is up the right stairwell through the Renaissance and Spanish galleries.


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