Gallery hosts AEQAI holiday gathering


The Cincinnati-based e-journal for critical thinking, review and reflective prose on contemporary art, AEQAI, gathered for an evening full of discussion. Attending were AEQAI writers and board members including AEQAI editor Dan Brown, City of Covington Art Director Cate Yellig, author Karen Chambers, Northern Kentucky University English Graduate Program Professor Dr. Robert Wallce, artist Kevin Muente, artist and board member Jens Rozenkrantz, among others. AEQAI offers articles to invigorate the imagination and thought of its reader while stimulating artists and curators to produce better artworks and exhibitions.

The word ‘AEQAI’ was selected as a mispelling from a reprint of Livy’s text for the ‘Aequi.’ The Aequi were the peoples that Lucuis Quintus Cincinnatus of ancient Rome conquered upon his famous brief tenure as a ‘temporary’ dictator. He crushed their rebellion and then reintegrated them into the burgeoning empire. It is a playful analogy to the artist community since it implies the inevitable incorporation of the avant garde into mainstream culture. AEQAI states, “We creatives are the Aequi.”


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