Tim Harding

42"h x 37.5"w cut silk

42″h x 37.5″w cut silk

32"h x 32"w Cut Silk

32″h x 32″w Cut Silk

Rich in color, light and suggested movement, Marta Hewett Gallery artist Tim Harding’s work is as unique as his process and inspiration. After originally working in painting and photography, Harding became interested in fiber/textiles. He is focused on creating an illusion of three-dimensional figures by use of light and shadow and figure and ground. Harding’s method of layering colors helps him create an almost pixelated quality in his works. This quality helps him achieve a vibrant contrast in value that is often associated with many impressionists. He has been inspired by a large spectrum of art from traditional oriental kimono forms to Rauschenberg and Rothko. Harding States “The lack of barriers between art and life in primitive and other non-western cultures inspires in my own work the commitment to peruse aesthetic investigation in a medium (fiber) traditionally outside of our own cultures fine art history.”
In addition to the Marta Hewett Gallery, Tim Harding’s work can be found in prestigious institutions such as The American Craft Museum, The Center for Tapestry Arts and The Minnesota Museum of Art.


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