Raymond Papka: A Calulated Artist of Science

When one looks into the beautifully unexpected and intricate art of Raymond Papka, there is no doubt that it is derived from the science in his own life. With a degree in chemistry, Raymonds’s incredibly unique assemblages of paint and embellishments elude to a technical and scientific narrative.

This art is created by use of physical and visual systems. The artist uses everyday discarded objects to arrange and create his art. This process has also turned into his alteration of books which consists of a process where he cuts tears, glues, burns, folds, paints, adds to, collages, rebinds, gold-leafs, creates pop-ups, drills, and bolts. The book is manipulated until it becomes a 3-dimentional work of art. Beyond books, Raymond also engages in Enthusiastic Painting. This is a variation of an incredibly ancient painting technique where beeswax is melted with resin and color pigments are added. Once the wax hardens, it is fused with fire and brilliant and beautiful work begins.

Raymond is not so concerned with his viewer completely understanding his art as he is with them questioning what is going on. The mantra of his Artist’s Statement is that the only thing constant is change. As artists and Art enthusiasts, change can be different for us all. He has a fresh and modern theme in and behind his work that gives him a realistic outlook and enables him to look forward and perpetuate his work into interesting and wonderful places.

Raymond Papka

Raymond Papka

Raymond Papka

Raymond Papka

Raymond Papka

Raymond Papka

Raymond Papka

Raymond Papka


“Continuum” celebrates fifteen years of sculpture in cast glass and forged metal by Brian Russell

russell dixon exhibit 2013

On view in the Mallory and Wurtzburger galleries at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis, Brian Russell’s new exhibition Continuum features several new outdoor sculptures throughout the gardens, and more intimately-scaled objects indoors. The indoor pieces feature streamlined cast glass forms resting in bronze bases similar to Punctuate 2 and Punctuate Dragon currently on view in our gallery. The outdoor sculpture dramatically displayed in the Dixon gardens, incorporate intricate cast glass elements and elongated curvilinear lines of metalwork. Russell has recently turned the focus of his metal work to aluminum. The Dixon describes the attraction of Russell’s sculpture as “the modern fluidity contrasts with the ancient techniques used to produce them, creating an active tension between glass and metal elements.” The exhibition will continue through January 12.

For more information, visit the Dixon Galleries and Garden’s current exhibitons website.

Current exhibition welcomes four new artists

We are pleased to introduce Melissa Parrott-Quimby, Joanna Manousis, Andrew Hayes and Cedric Cox to our clients and visitors in our new exhibition ‘This is Contemporary Art’ featuring over 20 artists working in a wide variety of media. The exhibition will be open until October 26 and all works by new and existing artists can be seen on the exhibits page of the gallery’s website.


Cedric Cox, Diamond Thrust, 36″h x 60″w, acrylic on paper

The paintings of local artist Cedric Cox fall between surrealism and representational abstraction. Themes in his work range from mythical literature to the relationships between the physical body, musical allegories, and natural and man-made landscapes. Cox graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture Art and Planning. Find our more information about Cox on his website.


Andrew Hayes, Widget, 8.5″h x 7″w x 9″d, bronze and paper

In Hayes work, he counteracts the harshness of the metal with the delicacy of the book page. Growing up in Tuscan, Arizona and studying sculpture at Northern Arizona University exposed Hayes to the desert landscape inspiring much of his early sculptural work and style in fabricated steel. He worked in welding and continued to explore a variety of materials, which eventually led to steel and book pages. Visit Andrew’s squarespace to view more of his works.

manousis selfcontainedspray manousis selfcontainedfragrance

British born artist and designer Joanna Manousis now lives and works in Columbus after receiving her Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture from Alfred University in New York. She re-appropriates objects that exist in the world as a device to lure and engage a universal audience. Glass is primarily her medium to induce reflection, both physically and metaphorically, in the viewer. Visit Joanna’s website to learn more about her works.

Parrott_Red_Linear_Vessel Parrott Black & White Linear VesselParrott_Orange_Linear_Vessel

Ceramics shaped as linear vessels by Melissa Parrott-Quimby come in a multitude of colors and sizes. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware before moving to Indianapolis as an Adjunct Faculty member at the Herron School of Art and Design, also serving as a member of National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts.

Our new exhibit ‘This Is Contemporary Art’ opens Friday, September 20 from 6pm – 9pm


In July, Daniel Brown, editor of the art journal Aeqai, contacted a group of professionals in the visual arts including museum directors, artists, art dealers, critics and collectors. He requested that each person respond in an essay to the question, “What is Contemporary Art?” Marta Hewett, the owner of the gallery, was asked to contribute one of these essays.

Kaiser Smith PiStrands hi res

Yvette Kaiser-Smith, PiStrands

In addition to this written response, the gallery has adjusted its schedule in order to present a wider range of works by contemporary artists. This is the gallery’s largest exhibition to date, including over 40 works by represented artists around the region and the country. Local artists in this exhibit include Cedric Cox, Gary Gaffney, Jean Mehdi Grangeon, Frank Herrmann, Kim Krause, Robert JM Morris, and Kevin Muente. Artists in this exhibit employ a wide variety of materials including the more classic mediums, oil, encaustic and acrylic on canvas and wood panel, as well as fabricated bronze, cast blown and kiln formed glass, cut paper, constructed silk, ceramic, found objects, and crocheted fiberglass.

Muente Dry Creek Bed, Kentucky 48 x 96

Kevin Muente, Dry Creek Bed, KY

Exhibiting artists reference math, music, science, history, world culture, and the environment among other influences. From cinematic landscape to intimate architectural detail, finely rendered figuration and unabashed abstraction, each artist demonstrates a distinct style drawn from their personal background and expressed in their chosen medium. It is our hope that the gallery visitor observes that the type of works created by contemporary artists are as unlimited as the individuals themselves sharing emotions and experiences beyond language through visual art.

AEQAI, Cincinnati’s visual arts magazine, hosts spring fundraiser May 16th

Aeqai Benefit invite

Join artists, dealers, collectors and art enthusiasts, as they come together to support  Aeqai’s most important benefit of the year. With more than 5,000 viewers a month, Aeqai continues to be the premiere venue in the region covering all that is visual art and design. Proceeds will help to compensate loyal writers and contributors who have offered their services at no cost for several years. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided and works kindly donated by area artists will be offered in a silent auction.

The benefit will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, May 16 at The Carnegie Art Center in Covington, KY. Tickets are $25/person in advance or at the door.